K J Somaiya Bharatiya Sanskriti Peetham
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National and International Seminars 

Organizing Seminars at National and Inter-national level is a prominent activity of the Peetham.

  • March 1993: National Seminar on Purushartha.
  • December 1994: Yoga-Workshop and Seminar.
  • March 1995: National Seminar on Veda, Tantra and Sri Aurobindo.
  • February 1996: National Seminar on J. Krishnamurthi and Early Buddhism.
  • September 1996: National Seminar on Sri Vinoba Bhave.
  • January 1997: International Seminar on Puranas-Philosophical and Cultural Perspective.
  • October 1997: International Seminar on 'Hindu-Christian Cosmology and Anthropology' in collaboration with  the 'Institute for Asian Studies, Sassari, Italy,' 'University of Turin, Italy' and the 'Inter-religious Monastic Dialogue'.
  • February 1998: Seminar on Knowledge, Values and Experts.
  • October 1998: International Seminar on 'Persons of Peace in a Troubled World' in collaboration with the 'Institute for Asian Studies', 'University of Turin', and 'DIM, Italy', at Parma-Rome (Italy).
  • December 1998: National Seminar on 'Secular Concepts in the World Religions' (Sponsored by the Dept. of Culture, Ministry of Human Resource Development Govt. of India.).
  • January 1999: Seminar on  India's Vision for the Third Millennium.
  • February 1999: Seminar on Hinduism and Ecology.
  • February-March 2000: International Seminar on 'Religious and Ethical Foundations of Family and Social Life in Hinduism and Christianity'.
  • February 2001: International Seminar on 'Mahavakyas in Hinduism and Christianity'.
  • March 2002: International conference on 'Tolerance in collaboration with the German and  Russian' 'Department Mumbai University' at  Mumbai.
  • June 2002: Interfaith Dialogue Symposium on 'Bhakti in Hinduism & Christianity’ in collaboration with 'Focolare Movement at Castel Gandolfo, Rome'.
  • November 2002: The 19th Session Convention of the Maharashtra Tattvajnana Parishad organized  jointly with Department of Philosophy, Mumbai University, at Mumbai.
  • December 2003: Interfaith Dialogue on ‘Meditation in Hinduism and Christianity.’
  • April 2004: Interfaith Dialogue Symposium on ‘Streams of Spirituality in Hinduism and Christianity’ at Rome.
  • January 2005: National Vedic Sammelan.
  • January 2005: Hindu-Muslim-Christian Interfaith Seminar on World Religions together for Peace.
  • August 2005:  Religion and Secularism in collaboration with Pontifical Urban University, Rome.
  • August 2005: 'Contribution of H.H. Pope John Paul II to Interfaith Dialogue' in collaboration with 'Pontifical Urban University, Rome'.
  • December 2005: 'Interfaith Dialogue on Prayer and Peace and Unconditioned Love' at Mumbai.
  • December 2006: International Interfaith Dialogue Seminar on 'Mystics and Mysticism' at Mumbai.
  • 2008: International Interfaith Dialogue on ‘Mystics in World Religion’ in collaboration with Department of Sanskrit, University of Mumbai at Mumbai.
  • September 2009: International Interfaith Dialogue on ‘Culture, Religion, Philosophy and Literature Revisited’ in collaboration with 'University of Navarra, Spain' at Mumbai.
  • January 2011: International Interfaith Dialogue Seminar on 'Matter and Spirit' at Mumbai.
  • December 2011: International Interfaith Dialogue Seminar on ‘Relevance of Scriptures for Modern Youth in Day to Day Life’ at Mumbai.

  • January-February 2013: ‘Cosmic Elements in Religion, Philosophy, Art and Literature’ in collaboration with 'University of Navarra, Spain' at Mumbai.

  • January 2014: International Seminar on ‘Better Understanding of Yoga: Its Strengths and Weaknesses’ at Mumbai.

  • January 2015: National Seminar on ‘Values, Youth and Changing Times’ at Mumbai.

  • March 2015: National Seminar on ‘New trends in Yoga for Wellness’ at Mumbai.

  • September 2015: National Seminar on ‘Ancient Indian Sciences’ at Mumbai.

  • March 2016:  National Seminar on ‘Modern Commentaries on the  Bhagavadgita’   in collaboration with 'Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi' at Mumbai. 

  • October 2016: International Seminar on 'The Teachings of Pope Francis on Ecology and the Care for Nature with its Parallels in Hinduism' in collaboration with 'Consulate General of Argentina' at Mumbai.

  • January 2017: International Seminar on 'Reducing Inequality and Inter-Religious Cooperation:  Education, Healthcare, Economics and Cultural Difference' in collaboration with 'Pontifical Urbaniana University, Vatican' at Mumbai.

  • December 2017: National Seminar on 'Multi-dimensional Contribution of Lokamanya Tilak to Indology and Applied Philosophy' in collaboration with 'Indian Council of Philosophical Research (ICPR), New Delhi' at Mumbai.

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